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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Entertainment Book Fundraiser FAQ

Purchasing Online

1.    If I purchase online will KMS earn proceeds?  Yes.  The link from www.kmspto.info  to browse coupons is linked to the KMS account.  We also earn money if you buy the mobile version.  The link is to a general KMS account and will not track the name of the student who made the sale.  This means students who would like to earn prizes for online sales need to set up their own account.  To do this, go to https://sellersection.entertainment.com.  The School/Group ID is 66374.

2.    How much are shipping costs for books purchased online?  Shipping is free.  This means that your friends and family around the country can buy the version specific for their area for only $30. 

3.    Why isn’t the link to preview coupons working? The Entertainment Book website is working sporadically.  Please check back.  Also, if you would like to request a book to see the coupons in person please click the Request a Book link and fill out the form. 



1.     What prizes are offered? 

Sell 1 book receive a Bling Ring.

Sell 2 books receive Glasses with a Stache.

Sell 5 books receive a voucher for a skinit cover for your phone or ipod.

Sell 10 books receive “Dr. Beat” headphones.  

Sell 15 books and spin the money wheel.  Win $10 to $100 in cash.

Sell 20 books and get a life size celebrity standup or squishy pillow pet.

You earn the prizes for each level you achieve. 

Each book sold will earn an entry into a raffle for $50 cash.  That means that if you sell 10 books, you get ten chances to win. 


2.     When will I receive my prizes?  The prizes will be handed out on the order fulfillment days Tuesday, September 24th and Wednesday, September 25th before school and at lunch at the PTO table set up in the courtyard.  You’ll turn in your money and orders, and receive your books and prizes all at the same time.

Further Assistance

1.    How can I get more help?  The PTO is committed to being responsive to your needs and concerns.  If there is any way we can assist you please contact us at kmsfundraiser@gmail.com